Friday, December 23, 2011

Damage Assessment

I disassembled the front end of the bike, and brought the fork tubes, front axle, yoke assembly (triple tree), and front wheel to The Frame Man in Sacramento for inspection and straightening. The fork tubes were slightly bent at the lower triple tree mounting point. The lower yoke assembly stem was misaligned and the yoke base deformed. The axle was slightly bent. The front brake rotors were out of tolerance. Luckily, Pat at The Frame Man was able to repair all items for $310.
Straightened fork tubes and yoke

The dealer had quoted the lower yoke assembly at $326.99, each fork tube $450.73, and each brake disk at $205.79.

The body damge was limited to a bent cockpit subframe, a front fender cracked into 3 pieces, a cracked right side cockpit moulding and cracked right signal indicator lens. The coolant expansion bottle cap was missing. I promptly ordered the signal indicator  lens and expansion bottle cap from Bike Bandit for $16.06 plus shipping.

Cracked Fender and Cowling
I repaired the cracked front fender and cockpit moulding with a plastic welding kit I purchased form Harbor Freight on sale for $10.99. I had a local metal fabricator straighten the cockpit subframe for $30. The dealer had quoted the subframe at $376.99, fender $163.99, and cockpit moulding $86.99 .

Repaired Fender and Cowling
Sourced a rear fender on eBay for $9.99 from Pinwall Cycle Parts. Dealer quoted $71.99 .

Rear fender

I plan on sending the frame to The Frame Man for a detailed inspection.

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