Thursday, February 9, 2012

"How to drown and un-drown a dirt bike" by Doc Wong

Step One - The Plunge

Doc Wong going into really deep water!

Doc Wong going into really deep water

A) Have a conversation with a "trusted" friend that will assure you he made it last week when the water was this high too. Look at the crossing for your line through. Assess that you have only a 20% chance that you can ride on top of those moss-covered boulders and keep from sinking into 4-feet-deep water.

B) Make sure you do this early in the day. Who knows how long you'll be here!

C) Take the plunge. Stay on the pegs, feather the clutch, don't gas it too hard over those moss-covered boulders.

D) Know that only an insane person would attempt to do this, and do it anyway.

Step Two - Sunk

Doc Wong on bike with water over gas tank

Maybe I should have realized here that I was in trouble...

when the water was over the gas tank?

Dr. Wong in the river

Wow! How'd I get here? Aww, shucks?

Oh, I know: to un-drown a dirt bike, first you have to drown it!

Darn! I guess I should have known that I was in trouble when the water started going over my front fender. the way, having the "right" attitude helps., this was all planned. I was just demonstrating what not to do! Yeah, that's right.

Step Three - Relax

Dr. Wong relaxing in the stream

Dr. Wong relaxing in the stream

Hey, you're sunk, you're wet, but the weather's nice and you were hot from all that "tough" riding anyway....right?

So, relax and accept your fate.

Not for long though! Your friends are about to take off--so get off your butt and get that bike started!

Step Four - The Fix

Dr. Wong and friends getting bike started

Dr. Wong and friends getting his bike re-started

How to re-start the bike (for 2 strokes)

This procedure takes less than 30 minutes (once you've done it a few times ;-) )
1. Remove your seat, air filter and spark plug.
2. Flip the bike upside down and manually pump the kick starter by hand 52 times.

Bike upside down to get water out of the cylinder

3. Stand the bike up on its rear wheel to drain the muffler and pump the kick starter 12 times.

Bike on it's rear wheel to get water out of pipe

4. Flip the bike back upside down and pump the kick starter 21 times.
5. Re-install a new and dry spark plug.
6. Remember to re-install the spark plug wire.
7. Start the bike ... and that's all there is to it!
8. Oh, yes: dry out the air cleaner and re-install along with the seat.

End of Step Four. Now, go riding--and this time don't be so stupid! Unless, of course, someone says he or she made it through the creek here.... What? You chicken?

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