Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rocinante Modifications

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10% KTM, 80% Triumph and 10% other stuff

The main sources of weight reduction on Rocinante are:

1 - Replacing the exhaust, Norman Hyde and made for the same year Triumph Sprint, saves 9 kg and lower the centre of gravity a lot.  It weighs only 5 kg and sounds very nice without beeing to loud. The only modification I did was to bend it say 15-20 degrees upwards behind the foot peg
2 - Removing farkles, Corbin seat and engine guards, at least 12-14 kg saved.
3 - Cutting of the tail end and replacing it with a 2003 KTM  660 SMC  aluminum sub frame. I kept the bend of the original sub frame and cut off everything behind it, then cut off the KTM sub frame legs an laid it on top. This doesn't save as much weight as replacing the whole sub frame, but it will be stronger than the relatively thin KTM aluminum frame, and not least, a hell of a lot easier to do. I did it myself using mainly a hack saw and I'm not a mechanic. I don't how much weight I saved, but it wasn't more than maybe 3-5 kg. Better riding geometry was the most important goal. Eh, and looks... front fender is from a 2003 KTM 660 SMC, as is the rear sub frame and seat.
4 - Removed original luggage rack. I am waiting for a light weight rack from SW-Motech. Saved a few kg as well.

These four steps have brought the weight down to about 220-225 kg, but it subjectively feels lighter to me because the centre of gravity is so much lower. Much of the reduced weight in the sub frame, seat and pipes were placed high up.

A lot of work remains, because at the moment it definitely is a prototype.
- The seat still needs to fit better in the front
- Paint. The whole bike will get new paint this winter, which includes a lot of work on the plastic. I believe there´s a spot down on the left side which hasn´t got a scratch.Smile
- Engine covers need a paint job
- Cylinder head will be replaced (nothing to do with the rebuild though)
- Rear wheel to 18 inches, 17 at current
- Lower footpegs further, 1 or 2 cm. I´m almost two meters tall.
- Replace the original instrument with a Sixo all-in-one instrument from Motobau. This includes a lot of goodies. Check their website.
- Make a new aluminum bracket for the gps
- I might add a couple of lights up front to increase daytime visibility. After the crash this summer that seems sensible.
- Plastic side panels under the saddle need to be either made to fit better or custom made.

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