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Long D/S Ride: What I took, What worked, What didn't... by Ned Suesse

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Recently home from a long trip in Mexico on the Superenduro, that included a few thousand miles of dirt ridden at speed, and a few thousand miles of road, ridden at speed, and a few thousand miles of freeway, getting there and back. All in all, a good test of equipment, and I wanted to comment on what I took, what I liked, and what I'd change for next time. I'm going to do this in small batches... so please be patient.
I spent some time in one place, not traveling, so I wanted to have enough amenities for that, but I also wanted to keep the load minimal so that the bike would ride well. I struck a reasonable balance but would bring less stuff next time.

Here's the bike all loaded up:

Here is everything I took for 6 weeks, except a pair of shorts so I wasn't trapsing around nekkid, skeering the neighbors:

I'll start with a list. If you have questions about anything, please ask away!

2007 KTM 950 Superenduro
advtank rally rear tank + 2 into 1
Renazco Saddle
20x number plates from racing Baja 1000 (optional)
Wolfman Expedition Saddlebags
Wolfman Expedition Top Bag
Lots of web straps w/ fastex buckles
Hilslammer longpegs/ Blackdog Skidplate + rack
Baja Designs Racelight (homemade mounting bracket)
Superplush Suspension
TKC80 front, 908RR rear / Scorpion F + R
Homemade racks
homemade windscreen

Personal stuff:
knife/ lighter
pen/ journal
Olympus E-1 camera + 14/54 lens + batteries, flash, memory, charger
Canon A560 + memory
ipod + ER-6 + apple headphones + charger
passport/ title/ insurance/ cash/ cards
GPS 276c + BiciMapas mapset
Kriega R15 pack/ Hydration

Bike Stuff:

18" tube
2 x 21" tubes
small tube of tri-flow
small bottle of chain lube
small bottle of engine oil
complete toolkit

Camping stuff:
North Face Climbing Bivy Sack
Marmot 20 degree down bag
Long thermarest

Riding Stuff:
Arai XD w/ light smoke shield
Oakley Goggles w/ clear lens + spare
Aerostich Darien Jacket
Klim Dakar gloves (2 sets)
Thor Coldpro gloves
Aerostich Triple-digit Raincovers
Kidney Belt
Klim Dakar Pants
Aerostich Darien Pants (w/o knee pads)
Thor Knee Guards
Klim Riding Socks
Sidi Crossfire Boots (non SRS)

2 pairs nylon shorts
1 pair nylon convertible pants
1 pair cotton shorts
2 t-shirts
1 button down unwrinkleable travel shirt
Klim Inversion Jacket
Chaco sandals

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